Mesquite Burl Table

Because Mesquite grows only about half an inch a year during optimum conditions–when there’s lots of rain and ample growing space available, Mesquite burls are unique jewels of the forest. They are highly figured, full of swirls and grooves, and bark inclusions. The patterns wave, feather and flame.
While pieces with unusual patterns are the most desired form of burl wood, they are also the most difficult to work with because the irregular patterns make it harder to turn without catching and splitting the wood.
Despite the difficulty and rarity, the majority of woodworking artists prefer burl wood.

This is not a commissioned piece and is for sale. After trying to construct the perfect legs/support for this prized table, Paul found a beautiful copper plated milk jug to rest it on. The base is mesquite. For information on purchasing this Mesquite Burl Table, please contact Paul.

Other pieces will be featured from time to time, so check back often.