About Paul

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Paul W. Kendall, Jr. has been a Texan since 1971. In 1992, he discovered his natural gift for wood turning when he inherited an old lathe from his great uncle. Paul spent untold hours with that lathe, creating, as his wife describes it, sawdust and shavings. It soon became clear that he was creating more than that. He quickly developed skill and style on par with more seasoned craftsmen, and in less than a year his turnings had earned him recognition and awards.

Retiring his great uncle’s hand-me-down lathe and replacing it with a more modern machine has enabled Paul’s work to flourish in variety and quality. His decorative vases, bowls, and assorted art pieces, turned from Texas native, American, and exotic woods, are showcased and sold in galleries throughout Texas.

In addition to turning wood, Paul designs and creates handcrafted furniture, counter and bar tops. He can create a commissioned original piece or a reproduction from a photograph, a drawing, or a description. His pieces are heirloom quality designed for use today and well into the future. From sofa tables to pool tables, his designs make every room a showroom.

Paul seems to feel the wood’s energy flowing through the grain and sees within it the gentle curves and delicate proportions of a vessel, a vase, a lamp, a piece of art or a piece of furniture. With finely tuned skill he delivers a unique creation from the wood, never sacrificing the natural beauty of the wood that so inspires him.

Wood turner Paul Kendall crafts each unique piece from Mesquite or a wood of your choice. We know that each creation will become an enduring heirloom that will be treasured for a lifetime. How do we know? Thousands of years of American and Texas History tell us.