Turned Art

Each piece of wood turned art is unique, so no two are ever the same. Contact Paul if you are interested in an object that has been sold. Remember that each piece is original and the piece made for you will be true in form and finish, but will differ slightly from the original. We guarantee your satisfaction or will refund your money.
Each is signed by the artist, dated with the year, and the species of wood used.

An amazing piece of turned mesquite, this 4′ x 18″ Mesquite wall hanging is impressive in size and unique in design. An additional feature…it can be hung vertically OR horizontally with the same dramatic effect. This piece was a featured piece in the Houston Center for Contemporary Art, and showcased in galleries throughout Texas.

9″ x 4″ Mesquite Vase with Copper Accent

9″ x 22″ Mesquite Vase

This piece has exceptional grain and finish and is distinctive
because of the difficulty turning and hollowing a large piece.

9″ x 9.5″ Mesquite Vessel

Sapwood and natural edge lend color and interest to this piece.

Small Burl Vessel

If you are interested in ordering a reproduction of this vessel, please contact Paul.


9.5″ x 6.5″ Mesquite Vase with Copper accent